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Drug Arrest

On Friday, December 1st, 2017, K9 Deputy Hendrix observed a dark colored 4 door car traveling South on US Highway 371 South, in which the drivers side headlight was not operational.

K9 Deputy Hendrix made a traffic stop on the said vehicle.

The vehicle came to a stop on US Highway 371 South at the Sandy Creek Bridge.

K9 Deputy Hendrix approached the driver, identified himself, and notified her of the reason of stop. As Deputy Hendrix asked for her drivers license, he detected an odor emmiting from the vehicle he recognized as marijuana.

Upon receiving the drivers name and date of birth and vehicle registration, K9 Deputy Hendrix began asking about the odor coming from the vehicle.

Bryant advised that there was not any type of marijuana inside of the car, and that she had never smoked and currently does not smoke.

K9 Deputy Hendrix then asked Bryant to step out of the vehicle, and move back to his patrol car. K9 Deputy Hendrix then advised Bryant that his partner, K9 Max, would be used to sniff the exterior and interior of her vehicle based on the smell. Bryant then stated there was a small ash tray in her cup holder that contained "roaches" that her friend had left inside of her vehicle.

K9 Deputy Hendrix returned to the vehicle and removed the ash tray and placed it inside of his patrol vehicle.

K9 Max was deployed for an exterior sniff of the vehicle. K9 Max alerted to the drivers door, at which time K9 Deputy Hendrix gave his partner access to the inside of the vehicle to perform an interior sniff. K9 Max alerted to the passenger floor and was awarded for the alert.

K9 Deputy Hendrix conducted a search of the vehicle locating several baggies with a small amount of a green leafy substance and other paraphernalia.

The driver was then placed into handcuffs and placed into K9 Deputy Hendrix's patrol unit.

Baylee Bryant W/F from Little Rock,AR was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.